Leadership Summit

The 2018 Leadership Summit, co-sponsored once again by SCGMIS and PMI-Charleston, was held April 2-4, 2018, at the Francis Marion Hotel located in the heart of Charleston's historic district.

We appreciate your attendance at the event! if it weren’t for you, we could not host such as a wonderful event each year! Many thanks for your support!

The 2018 Leadership Summit featured a dynamic group of speakers and timely topics, which included:

  • A Leaders Focus
  • Project Management on the Move
  • How to Create Instant Connections
  • Your Next Security Breach
  • Making Cybersecurity Second Nature
  • Widsom at Work
  • Managers are Facilitators
  • Gaining and Sustaining Momentum
  • Lessons Learned from Marathons
  • Value of Project Management
  • Leadership Lessons (Mayor Joe Riley)

To view the agenda from the 2018 Leadership Summit, please click on the button below.


To submit PDUs for the 2018 Leadership Summit, please follow the steps provided below.

  1. Go to https://ccrs.pmi.org/claim and log into PMI.
  2. Choose Course or Training.
  3. Enter C235 into the Provider field.

  4. Enter C235-20180402 into the Activity field.

  5. Choose the 2018 Leadership Summit from the drop down menu.

  6. Description and contact information will automatically be filled in.

  7. Enter the start date of 04/02/2018 (must use mm/dd/yyyy format).

  8. Enter the end date of 04/04/2018 (must use mm/dd/yyyy format).

  9. Rate the event five stars (please!).

  10. PDUs will default, however, you must adjust them based on which sessions you did not attend. Also, adjust them separately for any credential that you hold. Leadership and Strategic generally are the same for all credentials, but Technical varies greatly as the topic must align with the specific credential.

  11. Check the box “I agree this claim is accurate” and click SUBMIT.


We would like to thank our 2018 Leadership Summit Sponsors (listed below) for their support. The Leadership Summit was a huge success and we couldn't have done it without their support.




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